Pronar manufactures 5 models of belt conveyors: MPT 18g HD, MPT 24g HD, MPT 18/1g, MPT 24/1g and MPT 15g. These machines are used to transport gravel, soil, aggregate, coal, compost and other loose materials. They are working in many different countries like Poland, USA or Portugal – just to name a few.

Pronar MPT belt conveyors are 23, 18 and 15 m long. The longest one allows the pile to be built up to 11.3 m high. All conveyors can be equipped with 900, 1000 or 1050 mm wide belts driven by a hydraulic piston engine or hydraulic gerotor motor. It provides material transport at speeds of up to 2 m/s, which allows achieving a performance of up to 600 t/h in HD (Heavy Duty series) and 400 t/h in standard versions.

Thanks to the use of conveyors, the material can be transported over short distances without prior storage. In this case, the machines serve as one of the links in the material treatment process (municipal waste), support work in a gravel pit or in the port. The conveyor can also be used to build a pile of the desired height. This saves time (no need to use a loader), money (cost of employing the operator) and space (higher prism than one made by the trommel screen or shredder).

An extremely important feature of Pronar belt conveyors is their compact size. Once assembled, each model fits easily into a 40 ‘High Cube container. The weight of each of them does not exceed 16 t, which means that MPT conveyors can be transported on public roads of all countries without additional permits.

A wide range of Pronar conveyor models allows to meet the needs of many customers. Each machine can be configured according to the user’s wishes. When placing an order, the customer chooses, among different conveyor length, belt width, type of belt, size of the hopper and type of hydraulic system. In addition, the wide range of optional equipment allows the machine to be adapted to very specific operating conditions.