Pronar MPB Trommel drums may be easily changed to suit material screening requirements. Pronar also produces screen drums compatible with other manufacturers’ machines.

Depending on the screened material: soil, compost, municipal waste, aggregate, biomass; different types of perforation are available, shapes include round or square, any size hole available.

There are 4 standard drum versions available:
• length 4,4 m & diameter 1,4 m
• length 4,7 m & diameter 1,8 m
• length 5,5 m & diameter 2 m
• length 7,2 m & diameter 2 m

There are 3 standard wall thickness versions: 6 mm, 8 mm and 10 mm.

Hole size, regardless of its shape, could be from 10 to 100 mm.

Star screen

Starscreen can be used instead of trommel. Utilising starscreen during works on wet material increases machine efficiency. The rotation speed of the stars can be steplessly regulated which allows for accurate setting of the separated fraction.

Destinated for:
• Municipal and industrial waste, compost,
• Shredder tree stumps, wood, bark,
• Contaminated aggregates: sand, gravel, clay, stones, soil, peat, coal,
• Materials for road or garden works


Available are starscreens for PRONAR MPB 20.55

Upon client’s request, we are able to manufacture a drum of non-standard holes or made of steel mesh.

Different types of perforation “K” - square

Special mesh drum for peforation <10mm

Different types of perforation “O”-round

Screwed knives for ripping bags with waste

Dane techniczne

Drum length [mm] Drum diameter [mm] Available drum thickness [mm] Perforation shape
4400 1400 6/8/10 square / round
4700 1800 6/8/10 square / round
5500 2000 6/8/10 square / round
7200 2000 6/8/10 square / round