Pronar MPT 30/1g dual power

The Pronar MPT 30/1g mobile belt conveyor is the largest conveyor model in the offer. It allows you to build a 13 m high pile. 30 meters of belt length and a capacity of up to 500 t/h make the machine perfect for even large installations where the mobility of the equipment is important. The undoubted advantage of Pronar MPT 30/1g is the possibility of folding it to dimensions that allow sea transport in a 40’HQ container. The additional Dual Power option allows you to work with a diesel engine or electricity. All drives are doubled, so when connected to the grid, it is also possible to move the machine, without the need to start the combustion engine.

Mobile stocpiler MPT 30/1g dual power
Conveyor length (total construction length) [m] 30,6
Max. throughput [t/h] 500
Discharge height [m] 13
Tilt angle max 25
Belt width [mm] 1000 (1050)
Weight [kg] 15750
Dimensions (length/width/height) [mm] 12629/2950/3261
Engine CAT 2.8l, 55,4 kW (75 HP), Stage V/ Tier 4 Final / Dual Power

* Weight depends on the specification of the individual piece and may be higher


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