MPB 18.47

Mobile trommel screener Pronar MPB 18.47 – this device has a 4.7 m long and 1.8 m diameter of sieving drum, which can be replaced without removing parts of the machine.

PRONAR MPB 18.47 mobile trommel screener effectively separates the constituents of different sizes. Principles of operation and screening is very simple and ensures high efficiency. The dimensions of machine and the ability to attach and tow it with different vehicles, e.g. trucks, tippers, allow to navigate on public roads without applying for special permits. Wide-opening covers provide instant accessibility to mechanisms and fast switching of screening drums when it is required to change the mesh size.  MPB 18.47 motor and the hydraulic pump unit are placed on a hinged trolley – this allows for fast and easy maintenance access to the motor unit, hydraulic system and hopper.


1. ENERGY EFFICIENT – low consumption of diesel fuel and consumables
2. EASY OPERATIONS- thanks to easy-to-use desktop the operator can set desired operation parameters
3. LOW MAINTENANCE COSTS – manufacturing process uses the latest technology and materials
4. POSSIBILITY OF VARIOUS APPLICATIONS – screening of  municipal waste, mold, gravel, wood chips and wood waste, separates debris from the dirt
5. DRUM COMPATIBLE WITH DEVICES OF OTHER PRODUCERS – universal design and technology of work

Technical Details
Trommel dimensions (lenght/width) [mm] 4700/1800
Trommel rotational speed [rpm] up to 23
Effective sieve surface [m²] 22,1
In-Feed hopper dimensions (length/width) [mm] 3560 / 2120
Loading height [mm] 2700
In-Feed hopper capacity [m³] 5
Dimensions of exterior side conveyor (length/width) [mm] 5150/800
Dimensions of exterior rear conveyor (length/width) [mm] 5150/800
Width of interior transverse conveyor [mm] 600
  • CATERPILLAR  (EU Stage 3B – 55kW)
  • DEUTZ  (EU Stage 3B – 55kW)
  • electric motor
Control voltage [V] 12
Central lubrication system yes
Gross weight [kg] 14000
Overall dimensions (length/width/height) [mm] 10990/2550/3900
Maximum speed [km/h] 100
Brake system pneumatic with EBS
ABS configuration 4S/2M
Brake type drum brake
Additional power supply to EBS module +
Type of mounting attachment mechanical
Number of wheels 4
Tyre dimensions 435/50 R19,5 (160J)
Axle manufacturer ATW/ADR
Number of axles: 2
Maximum axle load [kg] 9000
Front support legs 2 mechanical
Rear support legs 1 hydraulic
Road lighting voltage [V] 24 (12)
Type of road lights: LED
Drawbar eye diameter [mm] 50
Drawbar eye height [mm] 950 (±110)
Cutting barriers +
Mudguards steel
Mud flaps +
Warning signs +
Contour markings +
*Rotating warning beacon +
Tool box (1 piece: – 5Ol) +
Water container (30l) with a soap dispenser +

Technical drawing

MPB 18.47
Optional Equipment