Pronar MR-20

The Pronar MR-20 hand-fed chipper is a light (1250 kg), but also a powerful shredder of all remnants of trees and shrubs that have undergone maintenance treatments, incl. in the area of road lanes or orchards. The design of the Pronar MR-20 chipper is based on a single-axle vehicle with a maximum weight not exceeding 1250 kg. This allows for registration on the basis of approval in the O1 trailer category (with a maximum total mass not exceeding 1250 kg). Thanks to the ball hitch installed in the machine, the Pronar MR-20 can be towed e.g. by a passenger car (this enables transport at a maximum speed of 100 km / h).

Mobile hand-fed chipper MR-20
Total weight [kg] 1250
Overall dimensions (length / width / height) – unfolded ramp [mm] 4180 x 1466 x 470 (*1810 without chute)
Overall dimensions (length / width / height) – folded ramp [mm] 3685 x 1466 x 2470 (*1810 without chute)
Suspension Steering axle  1500 kg
an overrun brake + hand brake
Engine Kubota WG1605-G-E3 57KM – Petrol
Fuel tank capacity [l] 35
Oil tank capacity [l] 25
Flywheel [mm] Ø730×30
Cutting knives 2x 268 mm (two-sided)
Feeding system 2 rollers Ø170 mm (hydraulic drive)
Feed system control Water and shockproof mechanical buttons
Size of the inlet [mm / in] 200 x 255
Ball hitch Ø50 mm

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