Pronar MRW 1.300g

The single-shaft slow-speed shredder of the Pronar MRW 1.300 series is a machine designed to work in large installations. Its heart is a 3 m long shaft driven directly by a diesel engine. Basing this on hydrokinetic clutch mechanism guarantees up to 95% efficiency in power transmission. System of a tilting beam with counter knives and protection on the clutch allow you to cope with the situation of unshreddable material falling into the working chamber. The availability of screens of various sizes and steel limiters (optional equipment) mounted under the shaft allows you to adjust the size of the final fraction to the requirements. Thanks to the wheeled chassis, the machine can be transported on public roads (depending on local regulations), and the tracked chassis allows for easy maneuvering in the yard.

Mobile slow-speed shredder MRW 1.300g
Dimensions (length/width/height) [mm] 8360/2540/3460
Weight [kg] ~30000*
Number of shafts 1
Shafts length [mm] 3000
Loading height [mm] 2720
Working chamber dimensions (length/width) [mm] 3650/2200
Hopper capacity [m3] ~6,4
Engine Volvo Penta 12.8l, 405 kW, Stage V/Tier 4 Final

* Weight depends on the specification of the individual piece and may be higher


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