Pronar manufactures slow-speed mobile shredders and mobile trommel screens, which are also available with an electric motor instead of diesel one. This type of drive can bring you tangible benefits.

The biggest advantages of using electric drives in Pronar machines is the significant saving of operating costs. This is primarily lower expenses on electricity supply compared to diesel. Savings also appear during periodic inspection. Machines with electric drive do not require replacing filters, oil and coolant.

Another benefit of using an electric motor is reducing the noise level associated with their work. This allows you to extend your working time and minimize potentially adverse effects on the operator’s health. Therefore, such machines are most often selected for work in halls or other closed industrial facilities.

Machines with electric drive are much more ecological than those equipped with a combustion engine. They are quiet and do not emit any exhaust gases. For some contractors it is an important premise in establishing cooperation.

When choosing an electric drive, you receive a set of cables (15 m for the trommel screen and 10 m for the shredder) in the set with the machine, which will allow it to be connected efficiently. The only requirement is to properly adapt your electrical installation.

When deciding on this type of engine, remember to keep it in proper cleanliness. Cleaning the housing and adjacent elements will help to prevent damage that may result from dirt and dust. Performing these activities on a daily basis is also a great opportunity to check the status of other machine components.

Every customer who is thinking about purchasing an electric-powered recycling machine from Pronar can choose from three models. Among them there are two trommel screens (MPB 18.47e and 20.72e – the largest in the offer) and a shredder (MRW 2.85he). This equipment is designed for efficient work with various materials. In the case of a shredder, they are municipal, green, industrial, construction waste, wood and bulky. Trommel screen is great for working with aggregates, coal, compost or municipal and green waste.

Pronar electric machines can be equipped with basic elements the same as their internal combustion counterparts. These are, therefore, work shafts with different number of knives, and drums with a mesh size and sheet thickness required by the customer.