Pronar, a very significant player in central and eastern Europe in recycling machines market, was lately present at WasteTech trade fair in Moscow. During three days of the show, polish company presented its’ new product – a modern vision of waste sorting plant.

Based on many years of experience in implementing mobile recycling machines, Pronar is currently working on designing and manufacturing waste sorting plants. These help companies to deal with waste storage and segregation and as a result operate in accordance with constantly changing law regulations. Presentation of the Pronar product was very impressive, as it was presented as a giant mockup with an area of ​​24 m2. It illustrated in detail the scheme of the segregation system.

Pronar at WasteTech-2019 has also shown one of its machines – the MRW 2.85h shredder. It is well-known and well-proven construction – also in Russia. The undoubted advantages of this machine are: high efficiency, durability of components and ease of transport (thanks to the construction of the structure on the hook chassis).

A unique complement to the Pronar display was 13 models of mobile recycling machines made using 3D printing technology. Each of them was created thanks to the use of one of the largest 3D printers in Europe, which works in Pronar Research and Development Center.

From the very beginning of Pronar, Russia has been one of the key export markets. It is here that Pronar’s recycling, agricultural and municipal machines have been working for years, as well as components (disc wheels, axles, chassis and pneumatic and hydraulic components).