Pronar will take part as a guest speaker in the discussion panel during EXPO 2020 in Dubai on October 20. The topics will include machines and professional equipment. The event will take place in the Polish pavilion. Pronar will be represented by Radosław Bielecki – the director of the export of recycling and municipal machines. The panel will start at 12:30.

EXPO 2020 in Dubai is a unique event during which different countries from around the world boast about the best – also in business. Pronar was honored here and, as a recognized company from Poland, will take part in a discussion panel on machines and professional equipment.

It is one of the most recognizable brands of agricultural, municipal and recycling equipment. The company has a distribution network throughout the European Union, Scandinavia and Russia. It exports its products to over 60 countries, including Africa, Americas and New Zealand – this is how the organizers of the panel describe Pronar and thus invite you to visit the Polish pavilion and take part in this event.

The opportunity to take an active part in the discussion panel during EXPO 2020 in Dubai is a unique opportunity to convey the values ​​of our brand to a very wide and international audience. It is an opportunity to establish new contacts, which in the long term may turn into partnership and implementation of large projects.

Pronar thus once again shows that it is a trustworthy company. Not so long ago, in June 2021, this was the tone of the Polish President Andrzej Duda, who visited the factory in Siemiatycze. He emphasized the company’s innovativeness and the very diverse activities of the company, and drew attention to its huge investments.

Only in 2021, the construction of its own exhibition hall was completed, where the company’s products are presented, and a huge training ground was opened allowing potential buyers to show recycling machines at work. In addition, the expansion of the factory in Siemiatycze with an additional hall is coming to an end. The rapid pace of development is also visible in Hajnówka and Narew, where plants are also being expanded.

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