The President of Poland, Andrzej Duda, visited Pronar Exhibition Center in Siemiatycze (Poland). During his tour around the factory and newly opened exhibition center he expressed great admiration for the wide range of Pronar’s activities and the international character of the company.

– Own exhibition center is the next stage of our development, because so far we have traveled to show our machines at the world’s largest fairs. (…) Now the situation is changing. First, we invested in our own airfield and planes, now we opened this exhibition. Thanks to this, we are becoming the target of visits of people and companies interested in our machines. – said Sergiusz Martyniuk, President of the Board of Pronar Owners, during his speech.

After the speech, the guests began visiting the exhibition, which consists of two halls and a ten-hectare exhibition square. The halls are a demonstration of Pronar’s production power in the field of components, and in particular the key elements of machines.

The main theme for the first hall is recycling machines. President of Poland and the guests saw all crucial components used in their manufacturing. Those are drums (for trommel screeners), shafts and breaking bars (for shredders). They learned about whole manufacturing process and importance of correct production techniques. A stationary waste processing line designed by Pronar engineers was also presented. In the case of municipal machines, the guests saw shafts of flail mowers, blades made of various materials or brushes used in sweepers. Next part of the tour was presenting agricultural machinery, where guests saw “disassembled” trailer and disc mower. It presented all elements manufactured by Pronar – including steel side profiles, which supplies nearly 90 percent of Polish market.

Later, the guests saw a wide range of pneumatic and hydraulic elements produced by Pronar, which the company makes not only for its own needs, but also exports to numerous countries. Few steps away were complete axles, drivelines (including tracks), gears and plastic elements – all manufactured in Pronar factories.

The second hall was entirely devoted to the disk wheels produced by the company, in the production of which – after recent investments – Pronar became the world vice-leader.

The outdoor exhibition area is a place where all machines produced by Pronar are presented. The entire space has been divided into sectors corresponding to product ranges: starting with the  odern recycling solutions (shredders, trommel screens, conveyors and a channel baling press), through over 130 models of trailers of various designs and purposes, as well as agricultural and municipal machines.

The last stage of visiting the factory in Siemiatycze was going through the production halls, where the President could see modern solutions used in production – incl. new welding robots.

The final element of the visit was the speech of the President of Poland, who praised Pronar for scale and international scope.

– I am proud to visit companies such as this one, because it is an example (…) that the Polish industry, in fact absolutely native, can be at the absolutely highest world level; because it is not only European, it is absolutely world-class. This is the top of the top. And it is a great joy for me.

The President also referred to Pronar’s own air fleet and the Research and Development Center

– I am proud to visit companies like this, because it is an example of the fact that (…) Polish industry, indeed absolutely indigenous, can be absolutely world-class; because it is not only European, it is absolutely world-class. This is the top of the top. And it is a great joy for me. I would like such highly specialized production to be carried out in our country in many places; that companies have the ambition to create their own research and development centers – just like Pronar has its own precisely in order to be as competitive in the world as possible with the world’s largest giants, to be among them all the time, to be at the highest level, giving young people and scientists a chance to develop here (…).

The Pronar exhibition center is now open to visitors from all over the world who can pay a visit after contacting company representatives and in compliance with all possible COVID-19 restrictions. Further plans include opening demo area where dynamic shows of the entire range of recycling machines will be organized. This is another milestone for Pronar, which will provide another and decisive competitive advantage.