A clear goal, courage and consistency when making strategic decisions and visionary thinking – these are undoubtedly the main ingredients of Pronar’s success. Today, 30 years from its inception, the whole world can see how successful the Polish company is. On this occasion, in Narew, the place where Pronar was founded in 1988, special ceremonies took place.

Among the excellent guests who came to this amazing event were m.in. Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Science and Higher Education Jarosław Gowin, Voivode of Podlasie, Bohdan Paszkowski and Deputy Marshal of the Voivodship Podlasie – Stanisław Derehajło. There were also representatives of companies from over 40 countries with which Pronar has been cooperating for years.

The guests were greeted by the President of the Board of Owners, Sergiusz Martyniuk. With unconcealed joy, he admitted that this birthday reminds him once again of something very important:

– When I look at 30 flags displayed today around the company, I have the impression that cousins, family and friends came to us. And the bigger the family is, the greater is the strength of the company.

During his speech, the President of the Board of Owners mentioned not only the old times, but also referred to bold plans for the coming years. These predict an increase in the company’s turnover to even PLN 1.5 billion in 2022.

Vice-prime minister Jarosław Gowin also addressed his words to the guests. He praised the company’s innovation and congratulated on its huge success. He spoke about both the business dimension and the purely human dimension of creating unique ties with employees and partners.

– On behalf of the Polish government and Poland I thank Mr. Sergiusz Martyniuk for what he created. This company is a masterpiece thanks to which you and your associates will become part of the history of Poland – said the deputy prime minister.

The 30th anniversary celebrations were an opportunity to reward Pronar employees. Seventeen of them received the “Zasłużony dla Agriculture” distinctions awarded by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development. 40 more were honored with occasional gold and silver metals. Honorable mentions in the form of jubilee statuettes were also received by representatives of over a dozen companies as a thank you for fruitful and long-term cooperation. Among them were Wim Heynickx (Herema BVBA) and Jimmy Van Herwijnen (Herwijnen Machinery B.V.) – dealers of Pronar recycling machines in Belgium and the Netherlands respectively.

The celebration of the 30 years of Pronar’s existence will be long remembered by both company employees and invited guests. Thank you all for coming and we hope that we will meet at the next jubilee to celebrate our success together.