Unprecedented ratio of performance and quality to the purchase price – this is something that the new compact drum screen Pronar KPB 18.47 offers. New machine in Pronar recycling range is equipment aimed at anyone who focuses on simple, yet efficient solutions. It is also the first screen in the Pronar offer, which can be used as well as mobile and as stationary equipment.

Pronar KPB 18.47 is already the ninth trommel screen in the range. The simplicity of its design, versatility, and also a good price make it a great choice for small businesses that are starting in a recycling business. In addition, the 24-month warranty is a strong argument for choosing KPB 18.47 instead of worn-out, second-hand machine. The new screen is also an interesting proposition for bigger companies which are looking for a machine for occasional screening or support of their fleet during an intensive season.

The heart of the machine is the screening system with a drum 1.8 m in diameter and 4.7 m in length. It is an interchangeable element with that mounted in MPB 18.47 and the corresponding constructions of other manufacturers. The effective screening area is 22.1 m2 and the rotational speed is a maximum of 23 rpm. As in any Pronar screen, the customer can choose any size and shape of perforation in the drum. Thanks to this, the machine can be precisely adapted to the intended work.

In the Pronar KPB 18.47 screen the number of conveyors has been reduced to a minimum. There are only three – one in the hopper, second under the drum (transporting the material to the back of the machine) and third side (mounted on the front to transport oversized fraction). What is really convenient is that the latter one can be simply put either on left or right size thus enhancing the versatility of the machine. Reducing the number of conveyors also means lower power requirements and, consequently, lower fuel consumption.

Great advantage of KPB 18.47 is its mobility. Thanks to the wheels and the low weight (approx. 12 tons, depending on the additional equipment), it can be towed around the yard with the help of all types of wheel loaders, trucks or forklifts. Transport on trailers and platforms, for which the total height of the set does not exceed 4 m, takes place after removing the side conveyor. This machine also fits into a 45 ”High Cube shipping container.

The new KPB 18.47 screen, as the first in the Pronar recycling range, can be a permanent element of a stationary waste processing line. Supplied supports allow you to set it on prepared concrete blocks and start working without a wheeled chassis.

The designers involved in the design of the KPB 18.47 screen made sure that it is user friendly. Level control and replenishment of operating fluids takes place in the engine compartment, which can also be tilted thanks to a specially designed frame. Such a system reduces the time needed to perform a full service. Users will also appreciate lubrication points in easily accessible places.

Despite the basic nature of the machine, there are some interesting items on the list of additional equipment. It includes central lubrication system, remote control, magnetic roller, reversible fan on the engine radiator and various types of belts.

The Pronar KPB 18.47 screen is currently undergoing tests and getting final touches that will allow it to be put into serial production. Soon company representatives and dealers around the world will provide more information on this new product. Contact details can be found here.

Total weight [kg] 12800
Dimensions (l/w/h) [mm] 12450 / 2340 / 2700
Maximum speed [km/h] 6
Drawbar eye diameter [mm] 50
Height of the drawbar eye: transport/working [mm] 770 to 870 / 870 to 970
Engine Deutz TCD 2.9 Stage V
Working power [kW/rpm] 55/2200
Fuel tank [l] 150
Drum size (d/l) [mm] 1800 / 4700
Drum rpm up to 23
Effective sieve surface [m3] 22,1
Feeding hopper (l/w) [mm] 3560 / 2120
Loading height [mm] 2100 to 3000
Feeding hopper capacity [m3] 5
Dimensions of side conveyor (l/w) [mm] 4750 (outside 4950) / 1000
Dimensions of longitudinal conveyor (l/w) [mm] 10700 (outside 10870) / 1200
Conveyors speed regulation yes

* Presented  technical data may be subject to change.